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Drug Free Environment

The Kenya YMCA College of Agriculture and Technology strictly prohibits the manufacture,possession, use, sale or distribution of illicit drugs by anyone on  the institutions’ property or part of  any of its activities.Kenya YMCA College of Agriculture and Technology is designated as a“No Smoking Zone”. Smoking is not permitted in any othercollege location including its building, bathrooms, walking on campus, or at the entrance of any building.There are no smoking breaks.


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As a project of the Kenya YMCA, the YMCA College of Agriculture  and Technology purpose is to attract, bring together and  develop the youth to meet their foremost needs in and for their communities in accordance with Christian values as stated in the Holy Bible.


Outreach Programmes

  • Community based training (CBT); involves visits to self-help groups in Limuru-Ndeiya wards.
  • Agro-enterprise Development Training; A programme in partnership  with county governmentof Kiambu and International institute of rural  Reconstruction. Here extension and KYCAT staffs train farmers on agro-enterprise development with the aim of increasing farm productivity.The programme has been implemented in Limuru, Kiambaa and Lari sub-counties.

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road next to Kentmere club.

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For those students preferring to be residents, the college has halls of residence for the respective gender. However these halls of residence are out of bound to members of the opposite gender and are allocated on a first come basis. The cost per term is Kshs.3000.